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I’m often beeing asked this question : why Fancypants, what’s the meaning ?

Here’s a part of the answer !

Finding a stage name

Before being specialized in weddings, I was using my name for my website and on my cards, but… French names are sometimes difficult to pronounce – especially if the name is already difficult even for French people ; that’s the case for Guilhem, which is not so common. I use to work in the UK and I was called G : that’s a little bit too short !

Doing my new wedding photography website – the one you’re looking at right now – I tried to find a new « stage name », easy to remember, that would fit me as well as possible. Many came to my mind, but I couldn’t choose one of them, they were just not good enough…

I was about to finish the website, and so my new identity, but the name was still missing, when it just popped up : I was listening to the Django Unchained soundtrack, one of the very powerful Tarantino movies. I’ve seen the movie before, and I’ve listened to the soundtrack so often, but this time it was clear : « Last chance Fancypants » ! I didn’t really know the deep meaning of this but it just sounded good to me, I knew it will be the one !

Here’s the scene of the movie :

Dr Schultz is confident in what he does, no stress, there’s no problem only solutions. I don’t usually kill people myself but I’m quite sure I’m as fast with my camera as him drawing his gun – and I have special holsters as well to hold my two cameras. One point then for the cowboy thing, let’s see what else comes out of google for Fancypants !

Fancypants Adventure

My google result page for Fancypants is packed with this well designed guy, wearing large trousers as I do with the Japanese Nikkapokka pants I wear all the time in my daily life. This drawing comes from an old flash game, Fancy Pants Adventures. I remember playing this game at school, hiding the game window when the teacher was coming : good memories ! One more point for Fancypants !

It will be difficult to overcome this little guy from the first result page but who cares ?

Flash was the future at this time ! Everything changes ! :)

About its meaning

Let’s have a look at the definition :

  • Overly elaborate, swanky or pretentious – especially of dress. Also applied to people who act in that manner.
  • overly elegant or refined : see la-di-da

Doesn’t look soo nice, huh ? Well, I think that’s part of my offbeat sense of humor !

Last step : who are my web neighbours ?

Neighbours are important, so are web-neighbours ! Where will end someone who misspell my address ? That’s fun too !

First try, I replace the .fr by .com : I think it could happen sometimes. So where do we go with this ?

Yeah ! A great looking responsive 2.0 website, with a unique but awesome product ! I don’t think people will stay more than 4 seconds on the website, maybe more if they take the time to make a screenshot of it for the fun – so do I !

Looking a little more I find designers, fonts (not so interesting), some photographers too (from Austin, Tennessee, photobooth in California) and maybe the most important : Fancypants is a pony unicorn from my Little Pony ! I knew it was a good name !

How could I find a name that fits me better ? :)

That’s it for today, have a good time and see you soon !


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